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Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra




Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra



Thank you so much again to all the composers who applied to our 2016 call for scores! We received almost 900 applications from all over the world and we are greatly honored that so many of you would consider Kaleidoscope for a performance of your music!!!

We selected 12 pieces to premiere that we are very excited to share with you in our third season:


Charles Peck - Mosaic

Clint Needham - When We Forget

Gernot WolfgangNew England Travelogue

Jee Seo - Four Pieces for Two Violins

Julia Adolphe - Veil of Leaves

Nick Omiccioli - Fuse

Oliver Lewin - Dialogues

Patrick O'Malley - Paths Penumbra

Saad Haddad - Takht

Scott Ordway - Tonight We Tell the Secrets of the World

Will Healy - Kolmanskop

Yuan-Chen Li - Wandering Viewpoint