We envision a world where our commitment to a collaborative artistic process results in profound orchestral performances that inspire people to pursue cooperation and artistry in their own creative, professional and personal lives. 


Kaleidoscope is a conductorless chamber orchestra dedicated to enriching lives through exhilarating concert experiences, artistic excellence, musician leadership, and connecting with the diverse communities of Los Angeles.

Core values

• We believe that our collective of musicians has ideas that are worthy of respect and consideration; that each member has a voice worth hearing; that every person, given the chance and tools, can help to create great art.
• We believe that pursuing a democratic process within the orchestra will improve the quality of the performance, fulfill the collective vision of the ensemble, and create a unique experience not found in traditional orchestras.
• We believe in developing an infrastructure that supports, empowers, and values its musicians.
• We believe in bringing our performances and artistic process to audiences who have little or no exposure to symphonic music with the belief that the experience will enrich the lives of both the audience and the performers. 

Artistic Intent

We perform orchestral music that speaks profoundly to our community and is both representative of its time and timeless, whether written today or centuries ago. We stretch the boundaries for what is thought possible without a conductor, both by musicians and audiences, to allow us all to grow through the process. We regularly collaborate with living composers because their music represents our time. We design programs that explore less conventional concert experiences and allow audiences to feel more personally connected to music and the musicians who perform it.

Community Engagement and education

Kaleidoscope is committed to music education for all ages and is happy to offer a 'pay what you can' model to eliminate the barrier of a set ticket price. We want everyone in Los Angeles to have the opportunity to experience great classical music in person by a professional orchestra, think about what that experience means, and pay what makes them happy. We also perform many additional free concerts in schools, hospitals, shelters, and other underserved parts of our community.

We recently started a music education program at a title I elementary school in Culver City, providing music instruction to 200 students each week. With additional funding, we are planning to expand this program to other grades and other schools in the future. Not only do we want every child in Los Angeles to love listening to music, we want every child to have the opportunity to read, play, and write music, too. 


Benjamin Mitchell
Jim Wang
Kiahnna Patton
Patricia Hanudel Lopez
Scott Wimer


Benjamin Mitchell, president
Alex Granger, development manager
Benjamin Hoffman, grants manager
Elizabeth Voncannon, chief financial officer
Rob Janpanah, accountant
Peter Shin, graphics designer          
Beth Beauchaump, web designer


Alex Granger, violin
Benjamin Hoffman, violin
Chiai Tajima, violin
Irene Kim, piano
Robert Walker, oboe
Nick Akdag, bassoon
Benjamin Mitchell, clarinet


Musicians who have performed with Kaleidoscope include members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Opera, and many recent graduates of leading music schools including the Colburn School, Curtis Institute, Eastman School of Music, Indiana University, Juilliard School, Manhattan School of Music, New England Conservatory, Rice University, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, and Yale University.

*All musicians rotate principal and section positions. Past performers with Kaleidoscope include:


Alexandra Miller
Amy Tatum
Catherine Baker
Christine Murphy
Devan Jaquez
Douglas DeVries
Emma McCartney
Gina Luciani
Joachim Becerra Thomsen
Joe Monticello
Johanna Borenstein
Katherine Standefer
Mehrdad Gholami
Michael Matsuno
Rachel Mellis
Rosa Jang
Sandy Hughes
Sara Andon


Andrew Nogal
Ben Brogadir
Breana Gilcher
Claire Brazeau
Gabrielle Castriotta
Jennifer Johnson
Jessica Pearlman
Laura Arganbright
Marissa Honda
Michelle Feng
Nick Tisherman
Rachel VanAmburgh
Robert Walker
Rong-Huey Liu
Zach Pulse


Angelo Quail
Ben Hauser
Benjamin Mitchell
Edgar David Lopez
Eric Abramovitz
Kelsi Doolittle
Margreet Houtman
Micah Wright
Phil O’Connor
Sammy Lesnick
Stefan van Sant
Sérgio Coelho
Vincent Camuglia
Yasmina Spielberg


Alex Rosale Garcia
Andrew Klein
Jonathan Stehney
Jordan Brokken
Justin Cummings
Leah Kohn
Lieza Hansen
Nick Akdag
Paul Curtis
Ryan Wilkins
Tommy Morrison
William May


Benjamin Sorrell
Jessica Maxfield
Michael Couper


Aija Mattson
Alex Laskey
Allen Fogel
Amy Sanchez
AnneMarie Cherry
Annie Bosler
Brad Warnaar
Bryn Coveney
Corin Droullard
David Cripps
Dylan Hart
Elizabeth Upton
Emily Lair
Hirofumi Tanaka
Ian Petruzzi
Lisa McCormick
Martin Mangrum
Nate Udell
Nicolee Kuester
Rachel Hockenberry
Rachel Nierenberg
Sara Ford
Teag Reeves


Aaron Smith
Caleb Wiebe
Cameron Ghahremani
Daniel Rosenboom
Daniel Taubenheim
Hayato Tanaka
Jean Laurenz
John-Thomas Burson
Jonah Levy
Josh Rogan
Lucas Lipari-Mayer
Michael Harper
Mike Davis
Nathan Johnson
Nicholas Robson
Nicolas Bejarano


Alex Iles
Callan Milani
Connor Rowe
Daniel Lawlor
Elijah Cornish
Jared Dickerson
Kurt Ferguson
Lori Stuntz
Matthew Evans
Nathan Stearns
Noah Gladstone
Patrick Montgomery
Sean Pawling
Simon Wood


Andy Able
Brad Moller
Cristina Cutts Dougherty
Gabriel Sears



Adrianne Pope
Andrea Ashdown
Ai Nihira
Alex Granger
Alex Ishizuka-Hobbs
Alex Russell
Allison Mase
Ambroise Aubrun
Ann Miller
April Paik
Avi Nagin
Aya Kiyonaga
Benjamin Hoffman
Caitlin Kelley
Carlos Felipe Silva
Caroline Ewan
Chelsea Sharpe
Chiai Tajima
Clara Lee
Dae Hee Ahn
Dylan Naroff
Emerson Millar
Etienne Gara
Eva Dove
Evan Johanson
Evie Chen
Gabriel Maffuz-Anker
Jackie Suzuki
Jason Issokson
Jimin Lee
Joanna Becker
Kako Miura
Madalyn Parnas
Maiani da Silva
Mann-Wen Lo
Margeaux Maloney
Mina Hong
Nicole Sauder
Nigel Armstrong
Niv Ashkenazi
Philip Marten
Reina Inui
Seohee Min
Sonja Harasim
Stephanie Pak
Steven Song
Usha Kapoor
William Hagen
Wynton Grant
Xenia Deviatkina-Loh
Zach Brandon


Alice Ping
Ariana Solotoff
Ben Bartelt
Ben Chilton
Cassie Drake
Cynthia Blanchon
Dawson White
Diana Wade
Dmitri Yevstifeev
Edward Schenkman
Evan Antes
Grace Takeda
Hanna Pederson
Jason Bonham
Jordan Warmath
Laila Zakzook
Leo Plashinov
Liam Brolly
Marissa Winship
Matthew Cox
Michael Chang
Molly Gebrian
Rose Wollman
Sarah Tarablus
Sergein Yap
Sharon Ray
Stefan Smith
Timothy Richardson
Virginie D’Avezac
Xander Knecht
Yvonne Smith


Annie Jacobs-Perkins
Armen Ksajikian
Clement Chow
Coleman Itzkoff
Cristina Basili
Dong Nyouk Kim
Dustin Seo
Frédéric Rosselet
Javier Iglesias Martin
Jonathan Flaksman
Josué Valdepeñas
Juliette Herlin
Justin Lepard
Mia Barcia-Colombo
Michael Kaufman
Mikala Schmitz
Nathan Mo
Nora Doyle
Peter Eom
Qiele Guo
Rainer Crosett
Robert deMaine
Stella Cho


Abo Gumroyan
Ben Crofut
Brianna Goldberg
Daniel Carson
David Perryman
Eric Shetzen
Eric Windmeier
Kevin Gobetz
Levi Jones
Mark Lillie
Michael Fortner
Rebecca Lawrence
Ryan Baird
Sam Shuhan
Scott Worthington
Will Cravy
William Wasson



Amy Schulman
Charissa Barger
Emily Klein
Koni Choi
Liza Wallace


Alex Zhu
Brendan White
Irene Kim
Luis Reyes
Nic Gerpe
Sarah Gibson
Thomas Kotcheff


Amy Ksandr
Ben Phelps
Charlie Rosmarin
Derek Twoniuk
Dorothy Micklea
Drew Talley
Elizabeth Kosko
Garrett Arney
Greg LaRosa
Ian Rosenbaum
Jeff Stern
Jennifer Marasti
Jonathan Allen
Kevin Schlossman
Matt Richards
Michael Basak
Nick Stone
Pat Chapman
Sidney Hopson
Terry Sweeney
Victor Caccese
Wes Strasser
Yuri Inoo